Manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses

A heavy hitter in the press manufacturer business

October 5, 2011

Most hydraulic presses share a number of capabilities that ensure the machines are a powerful and versatile addition to any machine shop or factory floor:

Hydraulic presses have the ability to deliver full pressing force anywhere in the range of stroke, unlike mechanical presses that only develop full force close to the bottom of stroke.

The level of control that an operator of a hydraulic press has transfers to a high degree of accuracy in the parts or components that are manufactured on the press.

Variable speed controls ram movement and pressure that is applied to the work piece. The flexibility of hydraulic presses offers the potential to maximize productivity.

The hydraulic concept of high pressure being exerted across on the working area promotes flexibility in the set up and design of hydraulic presses, making them highly suited to customization.

However, while certain models of hydraulic presses may share certain capabilities, all hydraulic presses are not created equal. So when it comes to purchasing your next hydraulic press, it’s imperative that you do your homework before you buy. Here’s an example. Let’s compare just one specification (weight of the machine) from two similar 100 ton capacity H-Frame presses—one built by a leading competitor, and one constructed here in Canada, at RK Machinery.

The leading competitor’s press weighs 1,743 lbs

RK Machinery’s HFP-100T weighs in at 2,400 lbs

Bearing in mind the residual force that will be applied to the frame of these presses on a daily basis throughout their lifetime, which press do you think will be the most durable?

Right, The RK Machinery press, of course.

Why the disparity? Well, many of our leading competitors have shareholders, large offices to maintain and many employees. Companies such as this are expensive to operate. To remain competitive in the marketplace, companies like this cannot charge more than the going rate for their machines, so they have to look for other ways to save money—such as in the design and build of their presses. For example, using less material to build more lightweight frames, resulting in a lower quality machine.

RK Machinery has been building superior quality H-Frame press and C-Frame presses for over 31 years. With only limited overheads, RK Machinery ensures that the maximum amount of investment is poured into every machine they build—ensuring the manufacture of the highest quality and most durable products. For more information, contact RK Machinery today.