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Cutting down on workplace accidents

October 24, 2012

Workplace accidents are some of the most costly yet avoidable situations. Accidents at work are costly from a monetary standpoint in compensation, insurance premium hikes and replacement worker remuneration. But workplace accidents are also costly from a production perspective—often slowing or temporarily halting work on the shop floor.

To minimize accidents in your shop, familiarize yourself and your employees with official workplace safety guidelines and pay particular attention to:

Workplace attire: All employees on the factory floor should wear steel-toed boots and/or safety goggles. Machine operatives should also ensure that they have no loose clothing that can get caught in a working machine.

First aid: First aid stations must be clearly marked and all employees should have a basic understanding of what to do in case of a medical emergency. Better yet, send supervisors or team leaders on a first-aid course.

No go zones: Dangerous areas of the shop floor, such as close to the moving parts of large machines or high-voltage or low-visibility areas should be clearly marked as safety areas where employees and visitors are forbidden to frequent.

Keep machines in good condition: Most accidents that involve machinery can be avoided if the machines are kept in good working order. As machines age, safety guards can become damaged or go missing altogether. Worse still, the older the machine becomes, the more it is likely to malfunction and cause serious injury.

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