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How to go about purchasing your first hydraulic press

October 21, 2011

Maybe you’re starting a new metalworking company, or maybe you’re a new manager at an existing one. Chances are, at some point you will need to purchase a new press. When that happens, you first need to do your homework and discover the advantages of purchasing a hydraulic press over a mechanical one:

• Maximum power all the way through the stroke
• Cheaper to operate
• Better additional capacities at cheaper rates
• Better control
• More flexibility
• Lower maintenance
• Quieter
• More compact
• More reliable

Now you need to choose your vendor and give them as much information as you can to ensure you get the right machine for the tasks at hand:

Make sure you know the applications the machine will be used for, so the correct machine can be supplied. For example, C-Frame presses offer accessibility from three sides, while more columns result in better distribution of pressure.

Know the specifications of the press you need, but be open to your vendor’s suggestions or advice. Remember, they have been building presses for many years and may have insight that will help you with your needs.

Have drawings available of the parts the press will be used for. This will help the vendor produce exactly what you are looking for.

Ask about the accessories that are available for your model of press. Sliding beds, die cushions, electronic safety cushions, servo-system feedback...hydraulic presses usually have many available accessories that will help you get the most out of your new machine.

Finally, check the level of after sales and customer service you are likely to receive from your supplier. This can be critical in deciding which company you choose to go with.

Located in Bedford, Quebec, RK Machinery is committed to maintaining excellent quality standards. The company manufactures and supplies an extensive range of H-Frame and C-Frame Presses. They offer multiple model variants and will tailor make your hydraulic equipment according to your specifications. RK Machinery is dedicated to offering superior quality equipment, at competitive prices and with excellent service.