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Hydraulic Press Operator Safety

November 9, 2010

Although accidents may occur anywhere, sitting behind a desk writing an article for the local newspaper is likely less dangerous than operating a hydraulic press. Integrating simple precautions and safe guards in your manufacturing and production operations, all machine operators will be safer and more productive.

Basic safety measures
Training: Safely operating a hydraulic press is not something that you can learn on the fly. Training must be provided to all hydraulic press operators.
Clothing: Never wear loose clothing. Always wear safety glasses and steel cap shoes.
Inspecting: Regularly inspect the hydraulic presses to ensure they are functioning correctly.
Starting: Prior to operating the hydraulic press verify that the area is free from tripping and slipping hazards. Confirm that all pins and locks are secure. Check the press for damaged or broken parts and oil leaks.
Observing: Designate a safety team to observe operating habits. Use unsafe practices as training opportunities.

Not all hydraulic presses are created equal
When considering operator safety, a few hydraulic presses stand out. Some hydraulic press manufacturers take operator safety in mind with features such as: a) an operator security guard that can easily be removed within seconds; b) large bore cylinders that result in lower operating P.S.I. and lower oil temperatures; c) a press motor that is tucked up and out of the way without any pulleys or exposed parts; d) a hydraulic press with a ram speed of less than 3/8 inch per second which ensures a safe and controlled progression.

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