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February 1, 2012

Despite a horrendous three years, Japanese automaker Toyota was just about back to full production by mid January of 2012. Following the recall saga of 2009 and 2010, and the devastating tsunami of 2011, you might wonder how the company survived at all.

Undoubtedly, Toyota’s TPS (Toyota Production System) has played a massive role in bringing the company back from the brink. The system has been copied by manufacturers all over the World, and it offers all companies a ready-made and proven recipe for resilience and success.

The concept is to eliminate waste in seven key areas:

There is a risk of damage, loss or delay every time a product is moved. Plus, transportation of product adds no value.

Finished goods or goods at any point prior in production represent capital expenditure that has yet to produce an income.

Wear and tear and stress on the machines that create the product, as well as injuries to workers and in-plant accidents contribute to motion waste.

From the beginning of the creation of a product until delivery to the customer, any time spent waiting either for transportation or processing is quantifiable waste.

Extra work or excessive tooling is offering the client more than they have requested and contributes to over-processing waste.

Producing more product than your customers require (sometimes happens when changes are made during order production) leads to a dramatic increase in waste—through excess stock and the extra resources required to manage this stock.


Machine set up, time, rescheduling of production—all the factors that have to be considered for the repair of defective items contribute to waste.

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