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Precision Metalworking Is Easier With A Broach Press

April 23, 2014

Manufacturing small, detailed parts can be one of the greatest ways to profit in the metalworking business due to the expertise necessary for doing so. Some smaller shops are making it big in the world of metalworking thanks to using innovative, up to date machinery like broach presses. Broaching began hundreds of years ago, but today, broach presses make Combination broach and H-frame hydraulic pressit possible for a faster, more productive manufacturing process.

Faster Small Parts Production
Smooth hydraulic functioning ensures your production stays up and running. Before hydraulic presses came along, machine shops making small parts like castings, screws and keyways were limited in production numbers due to the time it took for making enough of them to see a real profit. Using a hydraulic broach press means even the smallest metal shop can produce small parts in great quantities.

Features And Needs
When choosing a broach press for small parts production, certain features and specifications are extremely important to look for. The broach press with a high capacity hydraulic oil reservoir, a table design that prevents lateral motion, an easily adaptable flat ram head and controlled cylinder activation is one small parts manufacturers should consider seriously for the highest, uninterrupted production. Hand lever acceleration in high quality cylinder activation allows operators to maintain proper speeds according to specific tasks.

Cooler Temperatures Mean Greater Safety
Several options are available for allowing you to customize your press. For many machinists, an additional feature that supports a particular process helps make the manufacturing of smaller parts a lot easier. Choosing a press manufacturer willing to learn more about your manufacturing needs for a press is beneficial and allow you to get the best for you.

Customizing Your Press
Foot pedal for the combination broach and H-frame hydraulic pressFoot pedal operation is especially beneficial in the workplace maintaining a fast rate of production. Hands free operation can also improve quality and increase operator safety as well. Open sided presses are best for allowing long, unusual shaped pieces to fit. Considering these kinds of options is important before you purchase a press for your shop.

C-Frame, H-Frame Or Broach?
The products you manufacture will determine the type of hydraulic press best for you. The manufacturer that faces deadlines for large orders of parts might consider choosing a broach press. The combination broach-H-frame press manufactured by RK Machinery offers more benefits than just helping you stay on track in fast paced production. Getting all the benefits of an H-frame press in combination with an attached broach press saves time, money and space. The cost of running this type of combination press is also a lot less as opposed to running two machines. Machinists working on heavy duty applications might consider a C-frame press for increase frame support during operation.

No matter if you need enough hydraulic pressure for pressing in bearings or you need one for stamping your logo on to a particular product, your need for high quality is exactly the same. The investment you make in a press is also making one in your business. By being strict on your choices of quality, you can rest assured you will see a return on your investment.