Manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses

RK Machinery presses ahead with custom build

June 28, 2011

RK Machinery is proud to announce the launch of a 350-ton straightening press.

The straightening press features a remote power-pac, hydraulic controls on a moveable pedestal and an 18” x 144” work table.

With a capacity of 350 tons the straightening press is the largest and most powerful straightening press in its class. Options for the straightening press include a foot pedal-electric solenoid valve, adjustable stroke control and a front security guard for operator protection.

A North American company, established in 1980, RK Machinery is a hydraulic-press manufacturer that offers quality and reliable H-Frame press and C-Frame presses as well as forklift tire press.  RK Machinery offers multiple model variants and will tailor make hydraulic equipment according to your specifications.

RK Machinery is dedicated to offering superior quality equipment, competitive prices and excellent customer service service. To order your Custom 2 350T straightening press, or to discuss your hydraulic press requirements contact RK Machinery today.